Drowning The Greatest Myths About Inflatable Boats With Facts

When most people think of buying a boat, they consider a large water vessel that will need to have a place to be stored inside when not in use and something powerful to haul it with. However, there is another option in the form of an inflatable boat. Yet, a lot of prospective boat buyers never give these boats a chance because of some pretty big myths. Take a look at some of the most common myths about inflatable boats and the facts you should know. 

Myth: Inflatable boats are not good for ocean use. 

Fact: Inflatable boats are good for every form of water usage, whether it is the salty seawater of the ocean or the fresh water of a local river or lake. This myth usually ties in with the idea that inflatable boats are not durable, sturdy, or resilient enough to stand against the harsh waters that you can experience while adrift on the ocean—none of which is true. 

Myth: Inflatable boats can only be powered by oars. 

Fact: This is a major falsehood for sure, even though a lot of people assume it to be true. Inflatable boats can be powered by everything from trolling motors to high-powered boat motors with ample thrust and horsepower. It is true that some of the more basic models come with oars equipped for rowing. However, even the most basic inflatable boats can usually be outfitted with at least a small motor. 

Myth: Inflatable boats are not designed for speed. 

Fact: Quite the contrary to popular belief, inflatable boats are absolutely designed for speed and some can travel faster than your average water vessel because they are lightweight and aerodynamic in design. Because these boats float above water level with a rigid front end that cuts through the water, the vessel can skip right across the water at a high rate of speed safely, and even more, smoothly. 

Myth: The bottom of an inflatable boat is flexible and hard to stand on. 

Fact: If you are investing in an inflatable boat for water sport purposes, such as fishing, the idea of having a floor flexing beneath your feet would be a definite turnoff. However, inflatable boats can have rigid bottoms just the same as any other boat. The inflatable part of the boat is the sides, not the bottom. Therefore, the bottom of the boat could be made out of wooden panels or even fiberglass for a stable experience whether you are sitting or standing. 

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