3 Tips For Purchasing Your First Firearm

If you are ready to start looking for firearms for sale, here are a few tips that will help you pick the right first gun to own.

#1 Start With A Small Caliber

When you purchase your first gun, you should start with a small caliber gun. For example, a low caliber handgun would carry a .22 bullet. It is a good idea to start with a low or small caliber handgun for your first gun, as you learn how to shot and handle the gun, as it will be easier to learn with. The gun will have less recoil and will allow you to get familiar with a handgun without dealing with excessive recoil.

Additionally, small caliber handguns tend to be less expensive than other types of gun. It is a good idea not to spend too much on your first gun as you are really just learning how to handle and use a gun at this point, and will most likely outgrow it over time. A smaller upfront investment makes sense when you are in the learning process.

#2 Find A Gun With A Comfortable Grip

The next thing you need to focus on is the grip of the gun. You are going to want to purchase a gun that has a grip that feels comfortable in your hands. What is going to feel comfortable to you compared to someone else is a very personal experience, based on your hand size and arm strength. Test out and hold as many guns as you can at gun shops and gun stores to find the right small caliber handgun for your first gun. A great grip will feel comfortable in your hand and you will feel like you can move and wrap your hands and fingers around it comfortably.

#3 Research Your Top Choices

When you have identified a few guns that feel comfortable, do a little more research into the technical side of your top two or three choices. Figure out what the gun is typically used for and what purpose it is designed for. Some handguns are more for the firing range and others are designed more for home defense. Also, learn about the technical components of each gun. Use this information to help you make your final choice.

Once you purchase your first firearm, sign up for a handgun safety course and sign up for a course that teaches you how to properly shoot. Get down to your local gun range as much as possible and learn how to really safety use your gun. A handgun is not useful if you don't know how to properly use it without thinking about it. 

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