Tips For Whitetail Hunting

Hunting whitetail deer is one of the of the pinnacles of hunting. There is nothing quite like putting the stalk on a whitetail buck and harvesting a monster buck. If you are considering going whitetail deer hunting, or if you have already put in for a draw unit, there are a few things that you should do before you go out into the field. Hunting is a sport and just like any sport, you have to put in a lot of preparation into the hunt. You do not want to go out into the woods unprepared for what may happen. These are just a few tips on how to prepare for your hunting trip.

Break In Your Gear

Many people make the mistake of buying brand new gear a few days before they go out into the field. There is nothing wrong with buying new gear for a hunt. In fact, it is often a very good idea to buy new gear. However, you need to, buy your new gear months in advance so you can properly break the gear in. This also gives you time to actually learn about the gear, and feel comfortable in it. Also be very aware of where you are going to be hunting whitetails. If you are putting the pursuit on a monster Mississippi whitetail, you will not need super warm clothes. However, if you are chasing monster whitetails in Iowa, you will need to dress warm.

Choose Your Ammunition

Whether you are shooting a rifle, a bow, or a shotgun, you need to make sure that you pick the right ammunition. You want something that is going to penetrate and do a lot of damage. If you are shooting a rifle, you will want a bullet that expands. Usually a jacketed round is the best bet. If you are bow hunting you will want a broadhead that does a great deal of damage. The exit wound should not be to bad, but the exit wound should allow for a lot of blood to drain out. 

Practice, Practice, Practice

Part of being a good hunter is being a good sportsman. You want a good clean kill. In order to make the kill shot that you want, you are going to need to practice and practice a lot. The more you practice, the better off you are. Do not just practice in one position and in one weather condition. Make sure that you practice shooting in all positions and in all weather conditions. If the opportunity arises to take the shot, you want to be fully confident. 

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