Guaranteed Recreation With Maximum Safety — Tips For Storing Your Revolver

Exercising your right to keep and bear arms can feel almost like the ultimate expression of freedom and individuality, allowing you to truly seize control of the way you want to live your life. However, that freedom comes with an absolute responsibility to keep the potentially vulnerable members of your household safe and guarantee that you're taking every possible step to make sure risk is minimized.

Below, you'll find a guide to some suggestions for safely storing your revolver. A small and compact weapon can be stored in subtle and unassuming ways without introducing additional risk to the situation, and you can have the confidence of knowing that your gun will always be ready in the moments you need it most.

Purchase A Trigger Lock

From a safety perspective, it's possible that no single tool is more valuable for gun storage than a trigger lock. If the gun can't be fired by anyone other than the intended owner, the risk of accidents or becoming a crime victim will drop substantially.

Always verify that the trigger lock is properly secured every time you put your gun away for storage. You should also consider keeping the key for the trigger lock in a hidden location away from the rest of your keys, as that can help deter any curious parties from disassembling the lock when they shouldn't.

Store Ammunition Nearby

If your gun has been purchased for home defense, it can be a difficult challenge to balance accessibility with safety. You should take every precaution to make sure your gun can't be accessed by unauthorized hands, but if you do need it, it's essential that your gun is able to offer a proper response.

Making sure you can access ammunition at the same time you grab your weapon can allow you to load quickly and respond to any immediate threats. While storing your gun loaded may be unsafe, keeping bullets nearby can provide you with the fast response you need.

Regular Cleaning

A revolver might sit for an extended period without being used. If you're not a regular range shooter, you might have your gun stored in a location that you access extremely rarely. However, rather than allowing it to slowly degrade, it's important to bring it out for regular cleaning. This can help guarantee that you avoid the risks caused by dust and dirt and can bring your revolver back into a state where its always able to perform when needed.

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