The Salt Life--4 Questions To Help You Find The Right Boat To Live On

Are you thinking about buying a boat to live on? It can be a great way to reduce expenses, live a life of freedom, and spend less time on keeping up your home. But, buying a boat on which to live requires a slightly different mindset than other boat uses. Here are a few questions you can answer to make the right decision:

Will You Sail? It may seem like a silly question, but it's important to first ask yourself how far you want to travel on your boat home. Why? If you only want to moor and live in the same area, you don't need to focus on how the engine works or how it can hold up in rough seas. You may even want to opt for a stationary houseboat designed not to move around and focus your sights on space and comfort. 

Where Will You Be? The ports and bodies of water you will be spending the majority of your time in may also limit the type and size of boat you choose. The larger the boat, for example, the more you'll pay to store and moor. And if you want to sail in areas with difficult waters and big storms--like the Great Lakes or coastal waters--you'll need a boat that can handle the conditions. On the other hand, if all you want to do is play around on lakes or in canals, you'll be able to settle for a smaller or less sturdy boat if necessary.

What's Your Budget? Boats are notoriously hard on their owners' wallets, so don't stretch your finances too far in order to buy it. You may want to opt for a smaller boat than you'd like for your first purchase so you can learn the ropes of boat life and then upgrade at a later date. Make sure there is a lot of wiggle room in your monthly budget for fees, repairs, and maintenance. 

What is Most Important? When planning to live somewhere, most buyers look for things like large spaces and creature comforts. When buying a boat as a home, you'll probably want to focus instead on the solidness of its structure. A solid hull and a sound engine are the key factors. In addition, make sure the plumbing, electrical, and septic systems are in good working order and there's sufficient storage. You can make cosmetic changes and remodel the living space much easier if these basic needs are already in place. 

Living on the water can be the perfect move for young people who want an independent life and retirees alike. And by understanding these four questions and what your personalized answers are, you can help ensure that your choice will make you happy for years to come. 

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