3 Things To Keep In Mind When Getting Back On Your Bike

Bikes are a great way to get back in shape and to get active. Make sure that you are being careful and smart about how you get back in shape.

#1 Start Gradually

Do not set off to do a fifteen-mile bike ride your first time out on the bike. You are going to need to first build up your body's ability to be on the bike for long periods of time. Then you are going to need to build up your stamina to do more challenging rides, such as those that are longer or involve a lot of hill climbing.

When you start riding for fitness, start gradually. Ride three or four days a week, starting with a low mileage that you can handle. Each week, increase the distance a little bit more until you hit your target mileage. Taking your time will allow your muscles to build up without getting sidelines with cramps and injuries.

#2 Eat Healthy

Riding can burn a lot of calories, so it is important that you provide your body with good, healthy food such as a nice salad or sandwich when you are hungry. Try to stick to fruits, vegetables, and meats when you are hungry. Nuts make great snacks. Avoid giving your body lots of processed foods, like chips and store made cookies. These may satisfy your craving but are not really going to help your body out that much.

Make sure that you don't stuff your face before you go riding. Eat a healthy meal about two hours before you get on the road. That way, you have the energy you need without feeling weighted down and stuff. Eat light, you can always fuel up more after your ride.

#3 Set Your Own Pace

It can be nice to hit the road with a partner. However, you shouldn't let a partner hold you back or push you further than you are ready for. Starting and ending your ride together can be nice, but while on the journey, stick to the pace that feels comfortable to you. Sticking to your own pace will help you develop the stamina you need and ensure that you are taking proper care of your body along the way. Meet up your riding partner when you finish your race and may do a little cool down stretching session together. Riding together doesn't mean you need to stick to the same pace the entire time.

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