RV Rentals: Safely & Comfortably Travel Long Distances To A Medical Specialist

For some people, getting the medical care they need requires extensive travel. Sometimes, traveling to a specialist can be quite difficult if their health has already deteriorated before travel begins but not to the point that they are in bad enough shape for hospital transport. Family members often fret over what to do and how to get their loved one to the specialist they need several states away or cross country.

Fortunately, RV rentals can provide a safe and comfortable way to travel. Here are a few other benefits of using an RV to travel to a medical specialist. 

Benefits of Traveling in an RV Rental

Comfort is crucial for those who are suffering with debilitating medical conditions. Here are several benefits of traveling in an RV.

  • The ability to stretch out and relax in an RV while traveling can reduce the aches and pains that can occur from sitting in one position in the confined area in the seat of a car.
  • Those who have toileting needs won't have to worry about holding themselves until the next available rest stop or easy-to-access public bathroom.
  • Meals can be prepared at any time, which is especially important if medication cannot be taken on an empty stomach. 
  • Medication that requires refrigeration will remain cold.
  • You'll have plenty of room for additional concerned family members and extra storage for everyone's personal items.
  • Those who are faced with an unexpected time frame won't have to worry about needing to find hotel rooms, particularly if the specialist needs to see the patient on a prolonged basis, such as for neurosurgery. 
  • Medical equipment can be loaded into the RV and used whenever needed, such as oxygen machines or nebulizers. 

Places to Stop Along the Way 

Even so, there will be places you'll need to stop along the way, particularly if your trip will take several days or longer. Locate RV sites along your route and determine which ones you can and should stop at overnight. Also, find the RV site nearest to your destination and request an open-ended itinerary.

That way, you won't have set dates to enter and check out of the site, just in case additional testing or treatment goes beyond the time frame you are expecting. Contrary to what some believe, it's not acceptable to just park your RV anywhere, and that's certainly not the safest thing to do. Besides, you wouldn't be able to dump the waste water from the RV. Contact a service, like Snowbird Haven, for more help.

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