Are You Ready To Try Your Hand At Saltwater Fishing? 3 Ways To Prepare For Your Shoreline Adventure

Freshwater fishing has lots of advantages. After all, you can pretty much find a lake or pond anywhere you go. However, there comes a point when you want to branch out and try out your skills in a whole new environment. Saltwater fishing allows you the chance to get up close with nature and enjoy catching new species of fish such as snook and redfish that you won't find at your local fishing hole. As you get ready to expand your horizons, use these strategies to prepare for your first time shore fishing.

Know How to Care for Your Gear

Saltwater is notoriously corrosive, and it doesn't take long for your gear to rust if you do not take the proper precautions. Always rinse your gear off with freshwater when you pull it out for any length of time, and finish out your fishing trip by soaking your reel in a bucket that is filled with freshwater for at least two hours. This way, you can look forward to using your equipment when you go out for subsequent trips.

Dress for Changing Weather Conditions

The shoreline is full of gorgeous views and the opportunity to catch new species of fish. However, the weather can change at the turn of the second as storms blow in, and the temperatures can change drastically from the early morning to the afternoon. Plan to dress in layers with a waterproof outerlayer that protects you from the cold seaspray, and wear waders designed for saltwater if you plan to get in the water during your in shore fishing trip. Then, always wear sunscreen and top your outfit off with a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun's harsh glare on the water.

Go With a Local

When you've been freshwater fishing forever, it's easy to forget what it is like to be a beginner. While you might normally enjoy fishing as a solitary pursuit, it's best to plan for your first trip to be with a guide. A person who is familiar with the area can show you how to tie the right knots to avoid problems in stronger waters, and they can teach you secrets such as how to fish along the troughs much like you would in a river current to snap up redfish and pompanos that are foraging for their meals.

It's always exciting to add a new skill to your repertoire, and saltwater shore fishing is a great way to enjoy the seaside while engaging in one of your favorite pursuits. While it may take a little effort to get used to the differences between freshwater and saltwater, just a little planning is all it takes to open up a whole new world of fishing adventures.

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