3 After School Activities To Get Your Teenager Away From Their Video Games

One of the hardest things to deal with is a teenager who is obsessed with video games. You don't want to overreact and take away their computer, laptop, or phone, but you also don't want to just let them continue to spend countless hours playing video games when they could be doing something that is more productive. There are lots of things that they might find interesting, if only they gave it a chance. This is where you can come into play and offer them some really exciting and enriching experiences in the form of after school activities. It's your job as a parent to introduce them to exciting and fun things to do, and below are some of the very cool things you can choose from.  

Martial Arts

Martial arts is both a great workout as well as a fantastic way to create a sense of discipline. You can choose a low impact martial arts class if you are concerned about your teenager getting into a sparing match. There are martial arts classes where the students only practice forms and don't actually strike and hit one another. These classes are great if your teenager is the type who loves watching action movies, perhaps even MMA events, and yet is not that active themselves. This class will show them what it takes to be a physically fit person, and because they already have an interest in the subject, they are going to be more keen to continue on and study.

Art Class

If your teenager is more of artistic type, and who likes to draw characters from their video games, or is really into posters and artwork, then you should consider enrolling them in an after school art class. These can be a great way for them to learn how to paint, or sketch, or use a variety of techniques that they might not otherwise learn about on their own. This is especially cool if they don't have access to an art class at their school.

Classical Ballet Lessons

A really amazing after school activity would be ballet classes. While it might not strike you as the most modern of dance classes, consider that ballet is one of the most popular forms of dance all over the world and most trained dancers have some experience with it. Alongside tap, classical ballet is one of the cornerstones of dance. So, even if you're teenager is a fan of modern dance like they see in music videos, they will appreciate classical ballet for teens as many of the modern dances are trained in the classical ballet style. It's a fundamental building block in learning how to move.

You can find a ballet class that is geared to novice teenagers. This way your teenager won't have to worry about taking a class with teenagers who have spent years practicing and are already advanced. The classes are also a really great way for them to get active. The ballet movements are quire strenuous and they do provide an excellent workout, so it's a nice way to get exercise without really "exercising" which many teens might find boring.

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