Although Perhaps Unorthodox, A .22 Pistol Can Be A Viable Home Defense Weapon

When many people shop for a firearm to use for home defense, their search often falls into one of a few different categories. Some homeowners favor a shotgun for its intimidation factor, while others like the idea of a high-caliber pistol that can offer plenty of stopping power. You can successfully take either approach, but it's also worthwhile to consider some alternatives. A .22 pistol might not be synonymous with home defense, but it's an effective firearm to consider for this job. Here are three reasons that this is a suitable weapon for the job.

It's Easy To Maneuver

One of the biggest knocks on using a shotgun or even a rifle for home defense is that it can be difficult to control during a struggle with an assailant in your home. For example, in a physical altercation, an intruder could plausibly grab the barrel of the weapon and either wrestle it from your hands or, at minimum, keep its barrel pointed away. A .22 pistol is not only small enough that you can usually maintain control of it, but its lightweight nature means that you can maneuver it easily when you're seeking an intruder.

It Has Lower Penetration

When you make the commitment to fire a weapon indoors in the defense of your family, you must be cognizant of what sits in your line of fire. While you can aim at an intruder, you need to also recognize that your shots may go through a wall and potentially hurt or kill a family member. High-caliber ammunition can easily penetrate drywall, making the discharge of some pistols dangerous. Although .22 ammo can also go through drywall, this type of round lacks the punch that always makes it a potential threat to others in the home.

It Still Has Stopping Power

It's a bad decision to underestimate the efficacy of a .22 pistol as a firearm for home defense. While it might not immediately offer the intimidation factor of some other weapons, a .22 pistol has plenty of stopping power. If you need to make the split-section decision to engage your target because your life or the lives of your family members appear to be in danger, you can easily kill or disarm him or her with just one shot — and putting multiple shots on target further increases the likelihood that you will incapacitate the person who wishes to do harm to you or your family.

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