What You Should Know About Center Console Boats Before You Buy

It's possible you have been thinking of buying a boat for some time and have been looking at all your options. You may have decided on a center console boat because it seems like the right fit for you. Have you looked at all the pros and cons of one? Here are some things you should know about center console boats before you buy one.

Smaller Boat Size

For the most part, center console boats are smaller in size and more utilitarian in nature. You can use them for small fishing trips on a lake or larger pond, and you can bring a few friends and family members with you on a joy ride. They perform well, with plenty of power for those who want a bit of a kick in their engine but don't want to go flying around the lake at high speeds. They can have a very efficient engine due to their smaller size, but it is possible to get one that does burn more fuel for speed or of a larger size.

There are larger sized console boats that do offer transom seating or stowaway seats if you wish to bring more people with you. These boats can have their helm seats turn around toward the rear so the operator can visit with guests too. These boats will be in a higher price range, but they might be worth it if you need a larger boat.


While many center console boats are smaller in nature, they do have a range of amenities you might be looking for. Some of them have bunks in which your kids can take naps during an afternoon outing or a mini galley where snacks and drinks can be made, and some offer air conditioning inside so you can get out of the hot summer day heat for a while. The majority of center console boats, however, are small and have an open boat concept design. This means there might be a covered cabin, but no other interior space is offered.

Standing Room

Since the majority of center console boats were made for utility purposes, there tends to be a lot of space to stand and move around in. That's why these boats are great for fishing. They offer ample room for casting and space for storage of your rods and fish containers. They offer good stability and safety in rougher water due to their wide-open design

However, they don't offer as much sitting room as other recreational boats do, and they aren't as easy to use for skiing or wakeboarding. It is possible to still use a center console boat for these activities, but there are better boats suited to those tasks.

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