Reasons That Women May Enjoy Taking Belly Dancing Classes

If you're a woman who is interested in trying a new form of dance, you may have several different options in your community. One unique form of dance to consider is belly dancing. This might not be a type of dance that you've previously imagined trying, but watching a few videos online can quickly have you feeling enticed. This eastern style of dance involves not only fancy robes with jangling adornments, but also is unlike many other forms of dance that you've perhaps tried in the past. Here are three reasons that belly dancing might be the right choice for you.

A Boost To Your Core

Every form of dance is beneficial physically, but when you're thinking about belly dancing, it's impossible to overlook the value that this activity provides for your core muscles. Belly dancing has a long list of moves that require you to contort, rotate, and otherwise move your abdominal area — often in challenging, new ways. With each movement, you're building strength in this area, and in a more entertaining way than doing a repetitive exercise such as sit-ups. The caloric burn that you get from belly dancing, in conjunction with the increased core strength, can have you feeling really healthy.

A Treat For Your Seductive Side

Many women enjoy feeling sexy and seductive, but some life events can get in the way of these feelings. For example, if you have a busy life filled with caring for your children and running your household, you might not feel that sexy very often. While belly dancing isn't sexual per se, there's definitely a seductive energy that you'll feel while you're moving. You may even think about learning some moves so that you can perform an enticing routine for your spouse.

Ideal For All Bodies

While some forms of dance are perhaps better suited for those with petite bodies, such as ballet, you'll often find women will all body types at belly dancing classes. You don't need to have a petite figure or even a tight abdominal area to enjoy belly dancing — in fact, many performing belly dancers are thick around the midsection. If you've been struggling to find a physical activity that feels good for your body type, belly dancing may be the answer. Keep in mind that you don't have to actually expose your bare skin if you'd rather not. There are all sorts of belly dancing outfits that cover the midsection.

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