Forage These Ingredients To Complement Your Fresh Quail

If you're hunting for quail, you're likely anticipating the tasty meals that you'll soon be enjoying at home with your loved ones. While your primary goal on every hunting expedition is to get some quail, you might also want to consider gathering some ingredients that you can use in the preparation of the bird. There's nothing wrong with visiting the supermarket on your way home, but learning to forage certain ingredients in the woods can be satisfying and further augment your quail dishes. Here are some ingredients that are safe and delicious to eat and that you shouldn't have trouble finding while you're out hunting.


Ramps are relatively easy to find in certain areas, meaning that it's worthwhile to keep your eyes open for them while you're out quail hunting. This member of the onion family has an appearance that is close to green onions, although ramps have a flavor that is more pronounced. You can use them in a variety of applications when you're cooking quail, from something simple, such as sautéeing them and placing them beneath the quail when you serve the bird to stuffing the quail with ramps and some other ingredients.


Raspberries are readily available in the local supermarket, but there's something special about foraging them in nature and eating them. While you'll have to resist the temptation to simply eat the berries as you pick them, gathering a handful of raspberries can work well when you get home to start preparing your quail. This bird often pairs well with berry sauces, so you can cook the berries down, strain the seeds out of them, and then add any desired ingredients to the berries to make a sauce that you can use to drizzle the bird or adorn the plate for dipping.

Juniper Berries

If you're hunting for quail in an area with juniper trees, take a close look at the branches to identify the berries. Somewhat similar in appearance to small blueberries, although considerably more dense, juniper berries are another ingredient that is easy to forage and that can work well in many different preparations of quail. People often cook the berries down and make a sauce out of them, and the unique flavor of the berries can effectively complement the mild taste of the quail meat.

When you're preparing your gear for your next quail hunt, don't forget to grab a couple sturdy containers to hold the above foraged ingredients.

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