Tips For Properly Storing Your Cannabis

You've visited your favorite cannabis dispensary and now you're on your way home to relax. Cannabis is a dried herb which means its shelf life is very long. However, if you store your cannabis in the wrong environment and in the wrong containers, exposure to moisture can cause it is become soggy, moldy, and unusable.

Here are a few simple tips to help you properly store your cannabis.

Choose Vacuum Sealing or Glass Containers

If your cannabis came home in a plastic bag, toss that bag immediately and put your cannabis in a vacuum sealed bag or a glass jar. Vacuum-sealed baggies removes all traces of oxygen, which is the best option to preserve the texture and integrity of your cannabis. If you don't have this option, a glass jar is the next best choice.

Never store your cannabis in a plastic bag. Plastic promotes sweating, which in turn promotes mold and mildew growth.

Avoid Too Much Sunlight

Now that you've placed your cannabis in the right container, it's time to find the ideal storage conditions. Finding a place where there is little to no exposure to light is one of the most critical factors. Ultraviolet rays are damaging to cannabis and too much exposure to sunlight will negatively impact the potency of your cannabis.

The best option is to choose a spot that is always dark, such as an out of the way drawer or cabinet.

Watch the Humidity Levels and Temperature

The next factor to consider is the humidity and temperature. Storing your cannabis in a spot that is too humid will promote mold and mildew growth. Conversely, if the humidity is too low, the leaves will become too dry. Finding a spot with a moderate relative humidity is the best option. A hygrometer, which is a tool that measures relative humidity, is the best way to ensure you find the right spot.

The temperature of your storage area is another critical factor. If the temperature is too high, you place your cannabis at risk of drying out and being exposed to mold and mildew. Storing your cannabis in the refrigerator is not a good option as well. The frigid temperatures can degrade your cannabis, making it unusable.

When you're out purchasing a hygrometer, pick up an inexpensive indoor thermometer to help you find the ideal spot in your home.

From the relative humidity to the temperature and light exposure, when it comes to properly storing your cannabis, there are several factors to consider. Talk to a recreational cannabis dispensary for more storage tips.

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