5 Go-To Planning Tips For Your First Dispensary Visit

Legalized cannabis is a new venture in the United States. For this reason, many people don't exactly have a high level of experience with visiting dispensaries. However, no matter the level of knowledge you have, the most important thing to remember is that there is a correct way to conduct yourself. 

1. Don't Bring Minors

Please don't confuse legal with family-friendly. Yes, legalized cannabis use is the guideline in a number of states, but you should think of the practice in the same manner that you would alcohol, in that you cannot bring a minor to a bar or an alcohol store. If you bring a minor into the facility, you will likely be asked to leave, as you put the license status of the dispensary in jeopardy. 

2. Perform Some Research

Go ahead and educate yourself ahead of time if you can. If you're unfamiliar with cannabis, learn more about the different flavors, application options, such as edibles versus smoking, and any other helpful information. If you know the specific dispensary you plan to visit, look at their website to see if they have any helpful information. 

3. Smoke at Home

Some dispensaries double as a place to purchase and consume cannabis. If you visit one of these locations, it's okay to indulge during your visit. However, if the facility is only a dispensary — you are not allowed to consume the products on-site. If you do so, you could be violating the law, and face legal repercussions, not to mention, it's rude to the other patrons. 

4. Don't Touch What You Don't Plan to Buy

Cannabis can be especially flavorful and awesome smelling, but you need to resist the urge to touch everything if you don't plan to buy. You would not go to the grocery store and put all the fruit up to your nose, so don't do it with cannabis. Some dispensaries have testing areas where you're free to sample, but if not, keep your hands away. 

5. Plan to Tip

You should bring along some extra cash to tip your server. Dispensaries function like stores in that you can purchase a product, but you receive a higher level of service at a dispensary, like that a waiter or waitress would provide. It's a good practice to tip, to show your appreciation for the person's willingness to answer your questions, and package up your purchase.

Visiting a cannabis dispensary can be an enjoyable experience. So, keep these tips in mind to ensure your visit goes as planned. 

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