Easily Equalize Your Ears On Your Next Dive

Spending time underneath the surface of the water can be relaxing. The weightless feeling of moving through the ocean appeals to many people looking to escape the hustle and bustle of modern life. A diving certification and the right equipment, such as from Hookah Diving Systems, can give you the ability to fully explore everything the underwater world has to offer.

There are many things that you must pay attention to while completing a dive. Equalizing your ears is important when it comes to your comfort during a dive. You may experience the feeling of needing your ears to "pop" as you travel deeper in the water. Equalizing your ears can help you get rid of this pesky feeling so that you can more fully enjoy your dive.


The act of swallowing can be a great tool when you need to equalize your ears. For many people, a simple swallow can cause the ear to "pop" and become balanced once again. You may find it helpful to bring along some candy or to chew gum while you dive to help facilitate regular swallowing.


Equalizing your ears is something that can be accomplished by stretching the Eustachian tubes. Pressure on these tubes as you descend deeper into the water can create than uncomfortable feeling of a clogged ear.

Try wiggling your jaw from one side to the other or tilting your head from one shoulder to the other if you need to equalize your ears on a dive. These movements will stretch the Eustachian tubes and help alleviate any discomfort you might be feeling.


Another simple tactic that you can utilize to equalize your ears while underwater is blowing your nose. A lot of people experience congested sinuses. When the sinuses become too congested, they can block off the Eustachian tubes. This allows air to enter the inner ear.

That air creates the uncomfortable feeling that you need to "pop" your ears. You can hold one nostril closed and blow your nose while underwater to help alleviate sinus congestion. Repeat with the other nostril to make your next dive a little more comfortable.

A successful dive is one that allows you to experience the underwater world in complete comfort. Equalizing your ears plays an important role in your comfort level. Be sure that you are familiar with some tactics and techniques that you can use to quickly equalize your ears to make future dives the best they can be.

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