Tips For Successfully Installing An Above-Ground Swimming Pool In Your Backyard

If you are going to install an above-ground swimming pool in your backyard for your kids to enjoy this summer, then it is important you prepare ahead of time for its installation. While an above-ground pool's shipping box may claim it can easily be installed in just a few minutes, anyone who has ever installed one will tell you this isn't in any way realistic. In fact, a lack of proper preparation will result in a pool that develops avoidable leaks and otherwise fails long before its useful life should end.

To prepare the swimming pool's future site for a successful installation, follow each of these tips: 

Tip: Choose a Flat Location with Plenty of Extra Space Around It

Your swimming pool must be installed in an area that is flat. If the ground varies by just a few inches from side to side, the water in your pool will always look weird and slosh out more on one side than the other. Additionally, you need to be able to walk all the way around your swimming pool. This is important for safety reasons, and it will also make cleaning your pool a whole lot easier. So, choose an installation location that's flat and has plenty of extra room around the pool area.

Tip: Remove All Rocks and Weeds from the Installation Site, and Then Install a Thick Layer of Sand 

One of the biggest threats to the integrity of your new swimming pool will be rocks working themselves up into the liner at the bottom. The water sitting in the pool weighs thousands of pounds, and the added weight of people walking on the bottom of the pool will inevitably shift the ground around and rocks will work their way upward.

To avoid rock damage to the pool's liner, you need to carefully remove all rocks and other debris from the installation area. Use a leaf rake to ensure even smaller rocks are removed. 

Once the site has been cleared, then you need to install a thick layer of sand. The sand will provide extra protection from rocks, and it will feel good on your feet when you walk along the bottom of the pool.

The people who install their pools in the time designated on the side of the pool box often skip these two things and later regret it.

Tip: Have Large Above-Ground Swimming Pools Professionally Installed

Lastly, if you plan to install an above-ground swimming pool that is larger than the ones sold at your local big-box store, then you should have it professionally installed. Larger pools are much harder to install and need additional preparation to avoid problems later down the road.

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If you are going to install an above-ground swimming pool in your backyard for your kids to enjoy this summer, then it is important you prepare ahead